GPU Based Cryptocurrency Mining in Kendall

Mining Bitcoin in 2018 with GPU Based Cryptocurrency Mining in Kendall

People are mining bitcoins at an insane rate. This is causing an increased demand for hardware at an all-time high. Many ASIC miners so far in 2018 command values double their asking price just a few months into the New Year.

Naturally, this arises a common question amongst many prospective cryptocurrency miners: Is GPU based cryptocurrency becoming more viable with the insane prices for ASIC hardware? Your friends from Crypto Realm want to answer this while providing some information on GPU based cryptocurrency mining in Kendall.

Mining for Bitcoin with GPU Hardware

Cryptocurrency mining is a mildly misleading term. These individuals and groups don’t really mine per se. Instead, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based on blockchain technology. Blockchain is essentially a public ledger of safe, secure digital transactions.

A miner is simply a person or business that contributes their computational power to the blockchain network. This power might derive from a GPU, ASIC, CPU, or FPGA. In the early days of Bitcoin’s lifecycle, mining was almost exclusively CPU-based. It was even possible to mine Bitcoins with machines as a minute as a Raspberry Pi.

However, as the networked continued to grow, the difficulty rose in turn. Miners evolved as well, mining for Bitcoin with GPU rigs. Bitcoin continued evolving, creating the need for yet another exponential power increase.

ASIC miners that roughly value-out at approximately $2000-$3000 today can perform the mining work of 12,000 CPUs, an equivalent value of about eighteen million dollars. Clearly, in this scenario, cryptocurrency mining with an ASIC system makes the most sense.

Bitcoin Network Size Affects the Efficiency of Miners

It is important to consider how the size of the entire mining network affects the efficiency, as well as the viability of cryptocurrency mining.

Many people assume that with more miners entering the Bitcoin network, the more Bitcoin they can mine. Unfortunately, this is simply not true. Bitcoins release at the same rate no matter the size of the Bitcoin network.

Also, Bitcoin imparts a fixed supply and fixed schedule that miners follow. When Bitcoin first began at the start of 2009, Bitcoins released at a rate of 50 coins every ten minutes. It didn’t matter whether the network boasted 10 miners, or 10 million.

Today, Bitcoin releases at a rate of 12.5 bitcoins every ten minutes. Consequently, with the explosion of Bitcoin popularity, the network reflects a roster increase of nearly 10,000 percent. To put this into perspective, without the intervention of ASIC mining, this would represent a figure of 25 billion CPU users. This means that a CPU miner is 200 times more likely to hit the lottery than ever find a Bitcoin.

Mining Bitcoin with GPU based cryptocurrency mining in Kendall does level the playing field somewhat. Constructing a rig featuring six GPUs provides a mining equivalent of 180 CPUs. For this reason, GPU based cryptocurrency mining in Kendall dramatically increases your odds.

Hope is not Lost Mining Bitcoin on GPU Hardware

Although the cryptocurrency mining field has seen substantial transformation due to increases in miner counts as well as threats of decreasing mining profitability, there is still extensive possibilities for GPU based cryptocurrency mining in Kendall.

An ASIC computer is purpose-built cryptocurrency mining equipment for specific algorithms. However, some companies now build ASICs for alternative or Altcoin algorithms. Unfortunately, this is leading to a situation where the cryptocurrency mining market is becoming overrun with ASIC miners.

Nonetheless, ASIC miners offer consumers increased computational power per watt, in addition to price. They outperform graphics cards on numerous different levels. Many beginner miners display unhappiness when they discover that they can only attain true profits within a short time period utilizing costly ASIC machines.

However, GPU based cryptocurrency mining is still alive and well for miners that target alternative coins. These include Ethereum, Zcash, ZCL, Litecoin, and many more. Despite Bitcoin mining’s humble beginnings of miners producing numerous coins utilizing their home PC death, with some ingenuity, miners can still obtain profits so long as they focus on mining the right cryptocurrencies.

GPU Based Cryptocurrency Mining in Kendall from Crypto Realm

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