ASIC vs. GPU Mining in Doral

ASIC vs. GPU Mining in Doral

What is the Better Solution?

Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to rise in market price as with all other cryptocurrencies. A new wave of mining is coming. Many individuals that did not try their luck at mining in 2017 will certainly make the effort in 2018.

Most new miners pose the same question to our Crypto Realm team: ASIC vs. GPU mining in Doral, what is better? The Crypto Realm team wants to impart some information based on our experience demonstrating some pros and cons of both ASIC and GPU miners.

How much is Really Possible GPU Mining in Doral?

You can find out some information concerning the profitability of your current setup by using the calculator here. By inputting the information (hashrate) of your rig, you can determine the reward your hardware is capable of getting.

Based on this information, the data and costs of the mining rig or ASIC in question will provide you with an estimated ROI (rate of investment) period. Unfortunately, this information is not extremely precise. Cryptocurrency is very volatile, and the profit that you can attain may rise or drop daily.

It is also important that you do not forget the difficulty of the network regarding the cryptocurrency you want to mine. The total reward that a miner obtains on a daily basis is a constant value when measured in coins of a specific cryptocurrency.

However, new mining rigs appear every day throughout the world, and you don’t represent the only smart individual wanting to obtain a profit. As miners increase so too does the difficulty of the currency algorithm. What this means is that the profits you might attain on day one get shared with new miners on day 2.

As the value of most cryptocurrency coins increased so exorbitantly in 2017, many miners did not possess an awareness of the decrease in profit dollars. This is despite the fact that each day they earned a little bit less in cryptocurrency.

While GPU mining in Doral can net a nice return over time, it is important that you consider the above information while performing some research of your own before making a large investment that you may regret in the future.

GPU Mining in Doral vs ASIC rigs Pros and Cons

Below we display some of the pros and cons concerning different mining devices. Cryptocurrency mining imparts several details to consider apart from your ROI before you make your decision.

GPU Mining in Doral – Rig Advantages


  • The availability of video cards. You can buy a video card at virtually any electronics supplier, and then, in theory, assemble the rig yourself.
  • The warranty period of video cards. The components in a GPU-based rig is generally 1 to 3 year. This means if something breaks it is often returnable at no cost to you.
  • Easy placement in the home. GPU rigs do not produce much noise or heat.
  • Sellable components. Every part in a GPU rig is employable in a standard personal computer. Video cards additionally remain in demand by the gaming community.
  • Diversity. You can mine for multiple different currencies. GPU rigs support a plethora of mining algorithms.


ASIC Mining in Doral – Advantages


  • Ready to go. ASICs come fully assembled and ready to begin mining for cryptocurrency.
  • Easy setup. All you need to do is turn it on and input your wallet number.
  • ROI. ASICs currently payout at a faster rate of investment than rigs.


GPU Mining in Doral – Rig Disadvantages


  • Assembly required. A GPU rig is often put together from your own skilled hands. Those not technologically inclined may experience some difficulty or learning curve adjustment.
  • Technological aptitude required. GPU rigs require you to do the following: settings adjustment, Windows installation, overclocking the video card. As an alternative, many Linux-based systems exist. However, you still often need to adjust your settings.
  • Space. GPU mining in Doral takes up more space than ASIC.
  • ROI. The payoff from utilizing a GPU rig is currently slower than with ASIC


ASIC Mining in Doral – Disadvantages


  • Production Quality. There is no guarantee that the device works, or works correctly out of the box from many suppliers.
  • Chinese Provision. A warranty from China may prove unreliable and shipping is sometimes costly with exorbitant shipping periods. Repair is entirely possible but may be expensive.
  • Noisy. If you live in an apartment, your neighbors will likely hear the operation of your ASIC. You need dedicated space and may need to invest in a hosting service like those from Crypto Realm.
  • Heat. An ASIC cannot function long-term with the heat it generates. This means you need to remove the heat by setting up a ventilation system. You can also invest in ASICs that integrate ventilation into their system.


ASIC vs. GPU Mining in Doral

Crypto Realm hopes that the information contained above helps you make your decision between ASIC and GPU mining in Doral. Our goal is to simplify your decision on what mining hardware suits your needs optimally.

Crypto Realm serves as a valuable resource to miners that want to educate themselves on the cryptocurrency field. We provide training, hardware, software, as well as hosting in regards to all of the popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. We want to ensure that our customers can attain the most out of the cryptocurrency world.

Our product selection is comprised of the modernist hardware available in both GPU and ASIC-based mining hardware. This ensure efficiency, and reliability during every transaction. For more information on ASIC and GPU mining in Doral from Crypto Realm, contact our team today!